Monday, November 30, 2009

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servants - Steven & Fran Goodmon

It seems impossible to adequately express our love and thanks to Cecil & Mavis, for their faithfulness in ministry to the Body of Christ, and to us in particular.
Our Lord Jesus Christ must have greeted them with Well Done, Good and Faithful Servants.

We can only hope to keep their memories alive in our hearts, and to follow their examples of service, as the Lord allows.

Steven & Fran Goodmon, Burnet, TX

Friday, November 6, 2009

It is a great privilege to be part of his ministry - Leslie & Sheela, INDIA

Dear Bro George,
The Passing on of Bro Cecil was a great loss for the Body of Christ physically.We could not control our natural feelings since we heard the news.Anyway it is the Plan of the Father to take him to the glorious home.We stand with you all in this time together in prayer.

I was recollecting the first time I met Bro Ces in chennai for a meeting in a church in 1992. I really feel proud of my acquaintance with him. It is a great privilege to be part of his ministry as an interpreter for him and experience the Apostolic anointing whenever translating for him.It is a great blessing.It was in 1992 I left the Church in which I was in fellowship with.I was waiting for the direction of the Lord at that time. When I met the Body of Christ in 1992 ,The Lord put me on the right path to be part of the Gospel of The Kingdom. I also remember The time I was ordained as an elder by Bro Ces and Bro Burt in 1993. Since then the Lord has been gracious to me to carry on His work by His strength.

May the Lord be gracious to us to carry on this work of the Gospel of the Kingdom in preparing His Body for His coming. I believe that this WORD has been committed to faithful people who will continue to take this WORD to the uttermost parts of the earth to prepare the Body till His Coming. We pray that the Lord will pour the spirit of obedience to the Body more and more so that People of God will walk in the same spirit in obeying the Elders whom that the Lord has appointed to lead his Body in this time.
May the lord keep His Body united at this time through his Spirit.

Love to you all.
His servant,
Leslie & Sheela

His works does follow him - Richard O. Iyoha, NIGERIA

Dearly beloved,

We bless the Name of the Lord for his goodness towards his house. We thank the lord for the life of our dearly beloved father and brother in the Lord Pa Ducille. He has gone to be with the LORD, but "his works does follow him"!!! (Rev 14:13). We share in the joys of missing him. Painful, but we submit to the divine sovereignty.

This is to inform you that I shall be coming into Florida with the other brethren from Nigeria on Saturday the 7th. I shall get the full itinery accross to you in the next few hours.

Stay blessed. I am looking forward to seeing you.


Richard O. Iyoha

Monday, November 2, 2009

We rejoice in the live he lived - Bro. Joe - Tema, Ghana, West Africa

Though we sorrow at the departure of our dear bro duCille; we rejoice in the live he lived and works he accomplished upon the earth in Christ Jesus among His own. Let's all take heart and mourn as them that believe in the resurrection of the dead. AMEN!

Peace of the Lord unto thee, Amen.

Bro. Joe
(Tema, Ghana, West Africa)

He has passed the baton to a corporate ministry - Chima & Ugochi Ohuabunwa

Brother Cecile duCille: An epitome of Humility in Christ and commitment to the Heavenly Calling.

To our beloved Family of the duCilles and the Sons of the Most High God scattered among the nations:

We shall not sorrow as men do. While we miss our dearly beloved Great grand pa, grand pa, pa and brother, we take solace in the gift of God for the Church universal through him. An epitome of Humility in Christ and commitment to the Heavenly Calling. In 1991, as a young Christian in Lagos Nigeria , I remember hearing him among several deep expositions of the word of God, say “follow Christ and follow no man, I hear God sent a man to you and he has finished his work but I have not finished my work and I am not leaving yet”. In December 2005 at the first all USA annual fellowship in Atlanta (The Land Christian Camp, Woodstock, GA), I remember hearing him give a humble testimony on the mystery of the body ministry and the need for submission and humility among brethren which led to the holding of the usual December annual fellowship in Atlanta instead of Florida as had been the practice. The ripples of that obedience and the gathering of the Saints in Atlanta spiraled to reconciliatory meetings and joint national fellowship meetings in Nigeria, Montego bay-Jamaica, Mahomet-Illinois, Atlanta, UK, and Atlanta during 2006 to SEPTEMBER 4-7 2009.

On September 4, 2009 the 1st day of the Holy Convocation in Atlanta, Bro Cec was ready to go to the meeting venue before others at the hotel. He arrived and as the spirit led, took the liberty to bring the word of the Lord on God’s Kind of Love as I call it. On the faithful day of the Holy Spirit orchestrated ‘gathering in the upper room’ as some have called it, while waiting for others to come in, bro Cec asked; “how is the ministry in Nigeria? Is there any apostolic ministry/ gift in the house? In humility he discussed the deepest thoughts of his heart with his brethren, prayed for us and submitted to prayers by us. Covenants were renewed in Christ, jokes were cracked such as ‘those standing on his right hand’ and strategic plans discussed for the “harvest of the king/ the end” – coordinated global evangelism for the Kingdom of God.
Bro Cec has fought the good fight of faith, he has kept the course, and has passed the baton to a corporate ministry (Apostolic and all the others). What a glorious translation into the great cloud of witnesses. The challenge is now ours to finish the race so that we and they can be made complete. He surely has his crown of life reserved for him.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the LOVE of God and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit abide with all of us now and evermore, AMEN!

We love you all.

Chima & Ugochi Ohuabunwa

Departed for a season but we will have him forever - Lorraine Williams

What a blessing to have had Bro. duCille these past 30+ years. One such as Peter and Paul has walked amongst us. I have kept his every teaching - even just my handwritten notes of them. I will probably still be studying the 3 volumes of Revelation God gave him when we are with him again. He lived his life as an example of the Word he taught. I take joy in knowing his ministry is eternal. (Exo. 40:15; Nums. 25:13; Rev. 14:6; I Peter 1:23; I John 2:17; Heb. 7:22,24,28) He is no doubt ministering now to many of our loved ones who have gone before us. He and Mavis are enjoying their promotion. In the presence of God there is fulness of joy and pleasures forevermore. (Ps. 16:11) He has departed for a season but we will have him forever. (Philemon 15)

Our deepest appreciation, love and prayers to the duCille family for sharing Bro. and Sis. duCille with us.

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ (Titus 2:13)

Lorraine Williams, Muskogee, OK
(Fort Gibson fellowship)

Friday, October 30, 2009

We will not be deterred - Nigerian youths Ilorin Fellowship, Nigeria

Good day,

We received the news of our beloved Daddy's passing away with mixed feelings. Feelings of both sadness and joy. Sadness because we will definitely miss him and Joy because w know he's leaving this earth as an overcomer. A glorious exit indeed.

His life is a testimony of victorious christian living, for he came to this world, he saw and he conquered. He left as a conqueror.

The last time he visited Nigeria, his messages touched me as a person and i want to believe the same of the other youths.

We pray for the comforting presence of God to always be with the families he left and even the body of Christ as a whole.

We will not be deterred in our believe of immortality, for Christ conquered death. Immortality is therefore a reality.

On behalf of the entire Nigerian Youths we sends our warmest regards.

May God uphold and strengthens everybody through this all.

Helen (on behalf of Nigerian youths)
Ilorin Fellowship.
Kwara State.