Monday, November 2, 2009

He has passed the baton to a corporate ministry - Chima & Ugochi Ohuabunwa

Brother Cecile duCille: An epitome of Humility in Christ and commitment to the Heavenly Calling.

To our beloved Family of the duCilles and the Sons of the Most High God scattered among the nations:

We shall not sorrow as men do. While we miss our dearly beloved Great grand pa, grand pa, pa and brother, we take solace in the gift of God for the Church universal through him. An epitome of Humility in Christ and commitment to the Heavenly Calling. In 1991, as a young Christian in Lagos Nigeria , I remember hearing him among several deep expositions of the word of God, say “follow Christ and follow no man, I hear God sent a man to you and he has finished his work but I have not finished my work and I am not leaving yet”. In December 2005 at the first all USA annual fellowship in Atlanta (The Land Christian Camp, Woodstock, GA), I remember hearing him give a humble testimony on the mystery of the body ministry and the need for submission and humility among brethren which led to the holding of the usual December annual fellowship in Atlanta instead of Florida as had been the practice. The ripples of that obedience and the gathering of the Saints in Atlanta spiraled to reconciliatory meetings and joint national fellowship meetings in Nigeria, Montego bay-Jamaica, Mahomet-Illinois, Atlanta, UK, and Atlanta during 2006 to SEPTEMBER 4-7 2009.

On September 4, 2009 the 1st day of the Holy Convocation in Atlanta, Bro Cec was ready to go to the meeting venue before others at the hotel. He arrived and as the spirit led, took the liberty to bring the word of the Lord on God’s Kind of Love as I call it. On the faithful day of the Holy Spirit orchestrated ‘gathering in the upper room’ as some have called it, while waiting for others to come in, bro Cec asked; “how is the ministry in Nigeria? Is there any apostolic ministry/ gift in the house? In humility he discussed the deepest thoughts of his heart with his brethren, prayed for us and submitted to prayers by us. Covenants were renewed in Christ, jokes were cracked such as ‘those standing on his right hand’ and strategic plans discussed for the “harvest of the king/ the end” – coordinated global evangelism for the Kingdom of God.
Bro Cec has fought the good fight of faith, he has kept the course, and has passed the baton to a corporate ministry (Apostolic and all the others). What a glorious translation into the great cloud of witnesses. The challenge is now ours to finish the race so that we and they can be made complete. He surely has his crown of life reserved for him.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the LOVE of God and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit abide with all of us now and evermore, AMEN!

We love you all.

Chima & Ugochi Ohuabunwa

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