Friday, November 6, 2009

It is a great privilege to be part of his ministry - Leslie & Sheela, INDIA

Dear Bro George,
The Passing on of Bro Cecil was a great loss for the Body of Christ physically.We could not control our natural feelings since we heard the news.Anyway it is the Plan of the Father to take him to the glorious home.We stand with you all in this time together in prayer.

I was recollecting the first time I met Bro Ces in chennai for a meeting in a church in 1992. I really feel proud of my acquaintance with him. It is a great privilege to be part of his ministry as an interpreter for him and experience the Apostolic anointing whenever translating for him.It is a great blessing.It was in 1992 I left the Church in which I was in fellowship with.I was waiting for the direction of the Lord at that time. When I met the Body of Christ in 1992 ,The Lord put me on the right path to be part of the Gospel of The Kingdom. I also remember The time I was ordained as an elder by Bro Ces and Bro Burt in 1993. Since then the Lord has been gracious to me to carry on His work by His strength.

May the Lord be gracious to us to carry on this work of the Gospel of the Kingdom in preparing His Body for His coming. I believe that this WORD has been committed to faithful people who will continue to take this WORD to the uttermost parts of the earth to prepare the Body till His Coming. We pray that the Lord will pour the spirit of obedience to the Body more and more so that People of God will walk in the same spirit in obeying the Elders whom that the Lord has appointed to lead his Body in this time.
May the lord keep His Body united at this time through his Spirit.

Love to you all.
His servant,
Leslie & Sheela

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